Iím currently building a website using the Agavi framework (http://www.agavi.org) and I have to work with multiple views. For those who donít know the framework, letís say I have 3 different templates, in which I put my website content. There is a general template; most of my site is rendered in this one. There is a message template, where only some success or error message are displayed and, finally, I have an empty template where some contents, which are opened in a new window are displayed.

Now my problem, if it could be called a problem, is organizing my stylesheets. The message template is easy because I need only a few styles. Basically, this template displays a small box with a message into. However, my general and empty template shares a lot of styles. The solutions I came with was to split each style section into is own file and import them on one big stylesheet when needed. Lets say all the styles needed for the news and the comments are put into a news.css file which will be imported into the general.css and empty.css file.

Is this a good way to proceed or is there a better way ?