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    Ajax.InPlaceEditor Question (Scriptaculous)

    Hi there:

    I'm trying out Scriptaculous and have a working ajax TODO list generated from a db that allows me to edit items (using InPlaceEditor) and to add/delete items (using Ajax.Updater).

    The InPlaceEditor kicks in when a user clicks any list item . . . working fine.

    But as soon as I add/delete an item from the list using Ajax.Updater I lose the InPlaceEditor functionality barring a full page refresh. No javascript errors but I can no longer click an item to enable InPlaceEditor.

    My updater call goes to a PHP file that updates the list and sends the new list back to the calling div . . . this output also includes a new set of InPlaceEditor calls to match the new list items.

    Can anybody tell me what I'm missing?

    Much appreciated...
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