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    Can you overuse AJAX?

    I am redesigning my website more "web2.0 style" and have jjust started using AJAX.

    I downloaded Scriptaculous and it can do SO MUCH (including non-ajax things..)

    My quesiton is... can you overuse it? I find myself implementing it on lots of little modules... and I guess in a sense it makes it more "powerful", but should I be adding it to so many parts? - Need answers? Ask it online.
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    By powerful do you mean it actually adds functionality or it makes it prettier?

    I reckon AJAX and prettiness are OK as long as they don't compromise the speed at which things load. And as long as your site is still usable for those who don't have javascript on, I don't see much of a problem with it.

    Everything can be overdone though. A certain object fading away when you dismiss it can look nice, but if every single thing on the page behaves that way it can get annoying. And it can also be overused to the extent that the prettiness overcomes the functionality and actually hinders it to some extent.


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