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    New member, need site opinions and help

    Hello boys and girls.

    Im a shiny new member of this forum and I was wondering if I could get your opinions and advice on a site im working on.


    The advice I need is this:

    1.) If you view the page in Firefox it looks perfect, but as soon as you switch to IE7 it starts to all shift out of alignment. Why is this and is there a cure for it?

    2.) I am co-owner of K-Labs and this is the site we intend to use. What can I do to liven it up a little?

    I have done web design (a little) before and this site was a template that has been chopped about alot. Im learning .php slowly.

    Thanks for any comments/critiscm you give.
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    Please post this review in the Website Reviews forum. You will need to review 3 other sites before your review can be posted and accepted.
    Send me a private message if you need help with this.

    Thread closed.
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