So I'm building my churches site pro-bono, but being the nice guy I am, am not scrimping on things like standards compliance or the like.

Now I've only been working this for about a day, and have been checking my results in IE6, because that's what most of my church uses. It looks freaking GREAT in IE6 so far, but it looks like par-boiled butt in Firefox. I'm specifically noticing one really weird issue and one not-so-weird-but-still-totally-annoying issue.

The weird one is that my content background image, whuch shows up fine in IE, doens't show up in FF.

The not so weird one is the way my content div's align themselves. They look right in IE, but not so much in FF.

My testing server for this site is here Joy of Christ Site Prototype.

Any and all help would be appreciated.