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    PHP To Insert text from another domain

    Hi all,

    From another thread where I thankfully received some excellent help from some of the other members :

    or :

    I just need a bit more help if possible.

    I think I've gone wrong somewhere, it seems that the rates will only update, if I upload currency.txt ? ;-(

    It's now important that one domain gets it's info from another one, so that :

    As an example, in the currency is displayed ;

    and that page gets its calculations from

    which gets its calculations from

    Have I got it correct that the cron job :

    php -q /home/practice/www/currency/get_rates.php > /dev/null

    needs to be on the domain ? (which I would prefer really)

    Also, in the context of the above text and excellent help from the others here, could anyone please fill in/confirm what the chmod's for the bits below should be please ?

    currency.txt - 666 ? The folder that contains currency.txt - ?

    get_rates.php - ? The folder that contains get_rates.php - ?

    index.php - ? The folder that contains index.php - ?

    Any help really appreciated.

    All the best.

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