I need to find a way for a page to have different options for which format it should be printed as.

Foodnetwork.coim let's you print recipes in different formats; Full Page
3X5 Card, 4X6 Card. If you click a link to print a recipe, in let's say 4x6 card format, it pops up a html page, with html tables to make it that size and you can hit the print button to print that page.

I'd like to have seperate stylesheets for each format (4-6.css, 3-5.cs etc). I usually just call a print stylesheet (media="print" in link tag in the head of the document), but in this case I actually need to choose which print stylesheet to use based on which link they clicked on. So if they click on 'print a 4x6 card of this recipe', I would somehow load the appropiate stylesheet in the background before sending the print command.

Can anyone be of help and assistance?