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    Right pain in the ****... I have been having some troubles viewing websites on my virtual hosting account from my home computer.

    It all happened out of the blue. I was uploading files of a website I was working on. Then, when I tried to view the site it didn't load. So, I though OK I'll try again in 10 minutes. But, I'm still not able to view ANYTHING hosted on my account. I can access my cPanel, email etc, just not the front end.

    I've tried adjusting and disabling my firewall, restarting, tried on IE, Firefox and Opera.

    I then noticed I wasn't able to view the site of the company I bought the hosting well as 3 other sites I host on accounts bought from this company.

    The thing is...the sites are fine and viewable on any other computer..just not mine. It has been 5 days now and I'm at my wits end. I have loads of work in which I need to get done, and I can't get it done without a viewable front-end of my account!!!

    Anyone any ideas on what the hell might be going wrong??

    Thanks a lot,

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    Have you tried flushing your DNS cache?

    Run the following from the command line:

    ipconfig /flushdns
    Also see if Windows can even find the domain:

    If you get any timeout errors with the nslookup command, I'd suggest contacting your ISP about the issues.
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