Hi Webmasters,

I'm transferring a website that I bought. Right now the domain is still at the seller's host because I haven't changed nameservers yet. This is the site: www.Inb0x.com This is what I've done so far:

#1. I've added inb0x.com as a domain at my host in the cpanel. I also created a subdomain named "www.inb0x.dreamhosters.com" I set the inb0x.dreamhosters.com so that it would mirror inb0x.com.

#2. I've uploaded my files (which I had stored on my desktop, given to me by the seller) via FTP. I made sure all the folders and all the files went into the same places as they were previously. And they are all within the subdomain's main folder.

When I go to www.inb0x.dreamhosters.comon my browser I get just "index of/" and "parent directory" displayed, as you can see. I checked to make sure I have an index.html file and that it was in the right place. I believe it is... once I click the inb0x.dreamhosters subdomain in my FTP application I see the index.html file right there (along with many other files).

Do any of you know what I'm doing wrong? Any ideas?

By the way, the website is just a simple html site with a few flash files. No database or anything like that.

Thanks so much!