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    Im making one web site, and Im really think that it's very cool and easy for other people
    to use one of thouse Microsoft's menus (drop down). So I've tried to do that, and I did, but I know that if I will have something like that on my web site, people will think that Im stealing ideas from other web sites, or something like that.
    In other side, I think if I will do drop-down's, pop-ups, slides, with easy navigation to every part of the web site... Ill be very sweet .
    I dislike when I see on some web-sites stealed things, layout, graphics, ect... So, Im not going to use Microsoft's code, it's easy to do for me...

    Thanks for ideas!
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    Borrowing design ideas is ok. People do it every day. It happens in every business. If you take the code it is stealing unless you get permission. Otherwise do it. Drop down menus on a website are not Microsoft's invention, they were just the first big company to use them.

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