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    Project Management Software

    I'm looking around at various project management software and I'm having trouble figuring out which to use.

    I'm using Subversion for CVS, so ideally I'd like an application that can integrate with it.

    I've found Trac, but it's only a bug reporting/fixing system. Then there's ActiveCollab, which is only a project management system.

    What I'd like is a package that will integrate them all together, so that Project management + bug tracking + subversion is all in one.

    The only software I've found that fit this role cost lots of $$ (such as fogbugz or collabnet). Ideally I'd like a solution that's open source and free.

    In a previous project I managed, I tried using Bugzilla, but that software was so poor I ended up using a vBulletin forum for bugs! And it worked much better too!

    So, what are your recommendations here? Any software you guys can recommend?

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    As you have found out, there are a lot of project management software options out there, but finding one that does everything you want in one package can be nearly impossible. There are so many businesses out there and different ways to handle the same process, that it's unlikely that you will find one that does everything you need ... especially one that is free!

    Personally, I've resorted to writing my own script so I can cater to my needs and what other people deem important. With so many features to pack into a script of this magnatude, it's understandable why there are not many out there that do everything you could ever want, yet still be simple enough to use. (hopefully I can accomplish that in time).

    I would recommend finding individual scripts that can do what you need and then determine if you can incorporate them together somehow. It's not the best solution, but I've been looking at project management scripts for the past 6 years and none do everything I look for ... so I think your best bet is to check out separate systems or do like I am and write your own.

    Good luck!
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