I'm looking for a pre-packaged Resume submitting database in PHP & MySQL. I've only been able to find two that is what I'm looking for (CATS), but it requires PHP 5 and being on a hosted server and not our own server, I'm stuck with 4.4.4 till they decide to upgrade or switch servers, which I'm not going to do. I'll write it myself before I'll give up what I got.

The other is called EMPRIS and only works on PHP 4. Which would be ok for now, but thier website states that it does not work on 5 and he's not currently working on one that will. So when my host finally does upgrade, I'd have to switch and possibly have to start the database again from scratch. UGH!

Not looking for an entire job board, just something for a single company to accept resumes kept in a database and a means to retrieve the information.

Tired of looking so thought I would ask. Nothing else on hotscripts.com, scripts.com, phpfreaks.com or a few others that are pretty much no name sites. Maybe I'm asking for too much.



(Added Note: Looking at the EMPRIS information some more, I see it doesn't work for versions past 4.3, so that wouldn't work anyhow)