Okay, so sitepoint made me aware of DOCTYPES and the DTD. I put in a fair amount of studying of XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets I work hard on one of my pages to bring it up to speed with XHTML so it can be validated. One of the things I learned studing XHTML is to always use lower case for your tags e.g. <p> my paragraph </p> NOT <P> my paragraph </P>. No problem, I usually always use only lower case for my tags anyway.

So I'm working hard in notepad cleaning up discrepancies the validator told me about. I up load the file I've "cleaned up" to my hosting site. I see a minor error and take a look at the source code. Every single one of my html tags are now mysteriously UPPER CASE OUCH!

Now, what's up with that!?

Sometimes it's a cruel world... but you gotta love it, maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


ps It does feel good knocking a little rust off and working on getting back into the swing of things. Oh yea!