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    Question Is there any reason to use CSS instead of HTML ??

    For instance, consider a totally banal case of specifying the border (values 1 or 0) around an image?? I mean is it generally better to use CSS instead of HTML, or in such cases it doesn't matter, and one should probably only look for a size of the code (i.e. which method needs more lines/chars), at least if one is a minimalist like I am -- ...

    So here is "CSS-style" example:

    <img style="border:0; width:88px; height:31px" src="" alt="some-image.gif">

    And an "HTML-style" example:

    <img border="0" width= "88px" height="31px" src="" alt="some-image.gif">
    P.S. -- Oh and btw., is there any "unwritten rule", saying which particular tag to use in which order; in CSS-style's case, which one is first, which one second etc.: style, src, or alt (and maybe we can include title one too), and in HTML-style's case, the appropriate order of the main/non-optional style and src ones (and again, we can possibly include alt and title ones), and an "inner" order of border, width, and height ones ??

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