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    How do I get people to participate in forums?

    I've been getting a good many hits on my site, considering I've only been up less that 2 weeks. But my site is based on a forum. I have a links page, downloads, and images that seem to be very popular according to my stats.

    How can I get people to start participating in the forums? I'm working on new conversations that can spark some more interest, but I'm looking for any other ideas too.
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    First I am assuming the site is If I am wrong let me know. Here are a couple of ideas that are ever so present, but you might also want to check out the Community Construction Zone too.

    1) Use the link on all emails, and forum posts. Include the URL and a description of what it is. On sitepoint you should use the the URL tags so it is clickable, but add that descrpition.

    2) Contests. Find stuff you can give away, maybe base it on # of refferals, or posts. There are a lot of different thoughts on these though.

    3) Fake convesations. Register a few names make it so they don't link to each other and start talking, never fully answering questions that are asked but just teasing them with thoughts.

    4) Trade links with other related sites.

    5) Maybe some offline promotion...not sure if its legal or right but go to the movies and leave some business cards around that theater... spark their interest since they have just seen the movie. (Probably not a good idea but I'll let you be the judge)

    Well I think that is it for now for me.

    Good Luck,

    BTW, I might just have to look at your site and see what this movie is about...
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