I like to have well-structured HTML and when I look at badly indented HTML when I want to look at some page's source, it pisses me off. So I'm trying to keep everything nicely indented. The thing is, I have a bunch of images one after the other in a line and the indentations cause there to be a space between them. This is the correct behaviour of course.

So, how do get around it? I could do:
HTML Code:
  ><img src="1" /><
  img src="2" /><
  img src="3" /><
  img src="4" /><
Or, this:
HTML Code:
   --><img src="1" /><!--
   --><img src="2" /><!--
   --><img src="3" /><!--
   --><img src="4" /><!--
Or I could put them all in the same line. The latter is very undesirable to me and the other two options are a bit ugly. What other solutions are there?