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    to make it a newbie to this. i have a pretty good grasp on HTML now though(enough to get into tables strongly) and am just now cracking into javascript.
    im trying to learn how to manipulate tables effectively. I can control a single table pretty well but recently discoveredby reading others source code that i can work with multiple tables.
    Im looking for good resources to help me in learning the possibilities of using multiple tables, how to manipulate them well, and how to keep the code neat so im not spending all my time searching for my place in the mess of speghetti.
    Could anyone please help me? i feel like im floundering...

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    Working with multiple nested tables just takes practice. The easiest way to start is to build your tables separately i.e. a header table, a menu table, and a content table. You know you want your header on top and you menu on the left with the content on the right. You would then build a wrapper table to hold your other elements.

    Some tips.
    <LI>Indent your table elements by 1 tab each. You can reset the tab in your editor to 2 or 4 spaces if the default is too large for your tastes. example:
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">code/font><HR><pre>
    &lt;td&gt;cell one&lt;/td&gt;
    &lt;td&gt;cell two&lt;/td&gt;
    <LI>Build your tables with Table borders on. You can turn them off later when you have the layout you want.
    <LI>Build one table at a time until you are comfortable editing multiple tables.
    <LI>Customize your layout using the colspan and rowspan attributes in your cells to merge cells as needed.

    If you have more questions feel free to ask.

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    Ya, always indent your tables. On alot of my pages I'm working with up to maybe 8 nested tables, it gets kinda insane if you dont indent like an outline.

    Also be careful, when you're working with tables 1 typo or missed tag could really skew your page, or in some cases make it disappeare. And its easy to forget a &lt;/td&gt; or something



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