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Thread: Footer problem

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    Footer problem


    I have a problem with my footer, When there is not enough content on the page, The footer appears halfway up the screen.

    I have 2 test pages to illustrate the problem:

    Example 1 - This is good, the desired effect. The content has pushed the footer right to the bottom.

    Example 2 - This is bad. There is not sufficient content to push the footer down, And so it (the footer) appears half way up the page.

    I think it would be much nicer if the table could stretch 100% and always rest the footer at the bottom.

    Note: I am not looking for the kind of solution where the footer is statically fixed to the bottom of the viewport and the content scrolls independatly in the middle. I want the table to stretch when there is enough content like in example 1.

    I have tried a few things such as setting the body,html and table height to 100%, but this seems to invoke an unnescessary scrollbar: example
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