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    Query Onlink Exchange

    I know the answer to the question for the most part, but I want to hear what some of you did to get the quality links pointing to your site. What are some other ways besides the normal to do it and them most effective.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    What do you consider normal?

    • Submit your site to directories. This is the simplest and easiest way to get link to your website. Ideally the directories you will submit to will be on the same topic as your website and will receive a great deal of traffic. But any link in a directory is a good link. You can find directories easily by doing searches for "free directories", "add your site", and "submit your site" in Google and other search engines. You can also go to which is a directory of directories.
    • Create a "Link To Me" page. Providing visiting webmasters with the tools necessary to link to your website increases the chance that they will link back to your website unilaterally. This means they'll link to you without you having to ask them to do it or having to link back.
    • Press releases. When press releases are published often times links to the website from which the press release originated are included in the press release or at the bottom as a resource.
    • Submit articles to article repositories. Your articles may be reprinted on other websites and as a stipulation of reprinting your article these sites must link back to your website.
    • Link Baiting. Link baiting is simply writing content with the intention of getting other sites to link to your content. Usually the content will be a definitive explanation or very useful resource.
    • Particpate in forums and place your link in your signature.
    • Particpate in related blogs.
    • RSS Feeds. Many sites like to syndicate content of related websites. This typically includes a link back to the website from which the content has originated.


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