Greetings from relative JS newbie.

Been working on a problem that is utilizing the scriptaculous and prototype libraries. I have created a mockup to ensure that all is working prior to implementation.

Autocomplete from mySQL database
It is pretty simple, use autocomplete to offer suggestions

Submit this data (post) to appear within a defined div using "new Ajax.Updater"
When I use "onsubmit" the information is not presented within the div.

I have been able to troubleshoot a little utilizing "onkeydown" so I know what is occuring on the server is indeed working. Script working here.

When I use "onsubmit" the information is not presented within the div. When troubleshooting to by adding an action to the form the correct information is being passed.

Is it a simple error in the form handling? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Code as follows:
<h3>Projects - Autocomplete</h3>
<div id="autocomplete">
	<div><!-- div for the form -->
	<form type="text" name="form_name" id="form_id" method="post" onkeydown="send();" />
		<label>Type here: </label>
			<input type="text" 		id="input_id" 	name="input_name" 	value="" />				<!-- autosearch input -->
			<img id="busy" src="../common/busy.gif" style="display:none;" alt="working ..." />	<!-- busy indicator -->
	<script language="JavaScript">	<!-- place cursor within the seach box -->
	</div>							<!-- end form -->
	<div id="hint"></div>			<!-- this div will output the "hint" as obtained through the autocomplete -->
	<script type="text/javascript">	<!-- autocomplete script -->
		new Ajax.Autocompleter("input_id","hint","search.php", 
			{ minChars:1, partialSearch:true, frequency: 0.2 });
</div><!-- end autocomplete div -->

<!-- ajax callback (Ajax.Updater) -->
<script language="javascript">
	function send(){
		var target = 'updated';					//target div
		var url = 'submit.php';					//url to processor
		var pars = Form.serialize('form_id');
		var myAjax = new Ajax.Updater(target, url, {asynchronous:true, method:'post', parameters:pars });
		 return true;

<div id="updated"></div><!-- ajax callback div -->