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    Scroll wheel not working on blank space in IE6

    Hey there!

    I'm having the following problem with IE (Firefox and some other browsers are showing it properly):

    I have a container div in my website, which is used for scrolling the content. However, Internet Explorer seems to lose focus on this div when the cursor is positioned in a piece of white space.

    See the following webpage of my website:

    Upon scrolling with the scroll wheel it works fine, until the cursor is positioned between one of the tables.

    It's so strange that all the content is shown properly and the scrolling is done properly too, but the scroll wheel scrolling stops at white spaces...
    It just doens't make any sense at all.

    Does anyone know the cause for this problem, or a way to fix it for IE (IE6)?

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    Hello, welcome to Sitepoint--and I may say, nice layout on the Web site!

    Unfortunately, you have a few errors and warnings in your stylesheets you need to take care of.

    Your main.css file has the following errors in it:

    • Line: 80 Context : #TB_overlay Parse Error - opacity=60)
    • Line: 80 Context : #TB_overlay Parse Error - -moz-opacity: 0.6;
    • Line: 81 Parse Error - : 0.6; } #TB_window
    • Line: 91 Context : #TB_HideSelect Parse Error - opacity=0)
    • Line: 91 Context : #TB_HideSelect Parse Error - -moz-opacity: 0;
    • Line: 92 Parse Error - : 0; } #TB_iframeContent

    Your other stylesheet does not contain any errors, but both stylesheets do have some warnings being flagged you may want to look into fixing.

    As for your HTML, while it is valid, you need to convert your amphersands and less than brackets (aside from the ones used to denote the actual markup) to & and < respectively.

    Also, as a heads up, Internet Explorer 6 is letting the content bleed through on your footer, while Internet Explorer 7 RC1 is showing a second vertical scrollbar.

    Just thought I'd let you know.


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