Here is a tip. I am using the web-based jitterbug bug tracking system on a remote linux server. It has a web page form where the user can enter a bug report and it gets emailed to the user which jitterbug runs as. Then the bug can be replied to and responded to back and forth between the user and the sysadmin but remain threaded/auditable/managable, etc, within the bug tracking system. One of the downsides of it is that it does not handle MIME attachements. Well, I have now realised that I should set it up my aliases so that all mail for the bug tracker also gets forwarded to a regular mailbox, so I can view any attachments.

Anyway... that's not the point. I had some emails in the system, and really wanted to be able to get the mime attachments. So, I just emailed the relevent email files to an account I POP3 download onto my PC from.

Then, on my PC, I cut and paste the contents of the emails into a text file and save it with an extention *.MIM

Then open the *MIM file in winzip, and you can extract the attachements!

I had downloaded a DOS program munpac to do this. But no need with winzip!