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    DHTML - animation can't keep up with user

    First of all, the following script has only been tested in FireFox (and on Firefox vs. 1.0.6 mac OS 10.2.8) -- I'm fairly sure the following script won't work in IE without some script changes/workarounds/etc.... I do not have access to IE right now or I would try to get it working there as well...

    I've been trying to write a script that lets users put a list in order by dragging and dropping. The script works (to an extent), but if the user clicks and drags something too fast, everything gets fairly messed up. I think the problem is that I'm trying to animate the drag/drop process, and it's possible for a user to be faster than the script/computer can think....

    For example, the following script works fine if you drag/drop slowly, but try shaking the mouse crazily, and everything gets messed up....

    script is here

    Any suggestions?
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