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    Setting up small e-commerce site

    Hi everyone I'm the owner of a skateboard and snowboard website. Very soon I will be selling skateboards and other small items through my site but before I do I want to get a few things figured out first.

    I will only be selling a handful of items, probably around 10 tops to start and possibly 30 in the future if sales go well.

    I think I found a shopping cart that I like, Interchange by Redhat. It's free and looks very very well thought out. I have to save every penny where possible.

    I live in Canada and will be shipping to Canada and the US.

    Now can I use something like Paypal to deal with the payments and just enter the products into the shopping cart or would that not work? Would I be better off signing up with someone like VeriSign to accept payment with credit cards? Will the shopping cart and Paypal work together or will they just be not passing any of the info to each other? I was thinking have Interchange (the shopping cart) take the order and then just send the user to paypal to make the payment?
    How would I set this up? Do people purchasing things have to be Paypal members? That would be a real pain..

    What other Canadian or Canadian friendly credit card verification companies are there out there that aren't very expensive and don't have a start up fee?

    I want to use the best option to get orders out fast. I dont' want to be checking through 3 different things to make sure the order went through and then match up the order to the right address! I'm only a one man show, for now anyway.

    Is Paypal a good thing to use for what I want to do?
    I dont' have many products and I dont' think I'll have more than 30....

    Shipping: How can I incorperate Puralator and or UPS into my shopping cart? I want shipping tracking if possible...

    Please help

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    Interchange is notoriously buggy and at times inept...but I've only limited testing with it, so don't take my word as the law.

    Yes, PayPal requires anyone who uses their system (to send OR receive funds) to sign up for an account. Their ad copy is misleading, to be sure, in their claims that buyers do not need to be actuality, that translates into: "buyers do not need to be members BEFORE they shop at your site; they can (and will need to) sign up for an account when they pay for their orders though."

    But definitely consider using PayPal as an alternative means of payment, or as your only means until you can afford a regular merchant account; their rates are very low and there are no signup or monthly fees, which is nice.

    Good luck with your site!

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