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Thread: Dhtml

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    what exactly is dhtml and what's the difference between this and javascript?
    i know this is a dumb question, but i'm not a programming pro.

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    From "DHTML for the World Wide Web" by Jason Cranford Teague; page 3.

    "I'll let you in on a little secret: There really isn't a DHTML. At least, not in the way that there is a HTML or a JavaScript. HTML and JavaScript are specific, easily defined technologies for the Web. Dynamic HTML, on the other hand, is a marketing term coined by both Netscape and Microsoft to describe a series of technologies introduced in the 4.0 versions of their Web Browsers, to enhance the "dynamic" capibilities of those browsers.

    "So the real question is, what makes a Web page dynamic? There is, of course, substantial debate on this topic, but we can agree on a few things.

    <LI>"Dynamic documents allow the designer to control how the HTML displays the Web page's content.
    <LI>Dynamic documents react and change with the actions of the visitor.
    <LI>Dynamic documents can exactly position any element in the window, and change that position after the document has loaded.
    <LI>Dynamic documents can hide and show content as needed."
    To learn more on DHTML and CSS (I strongly suggest you do), read his book. Its part of the Visual Quick Start series, 3rd edition.


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