Netscape is making me very, very, angry! I have spent over a month coming up with a new design for the website at work. It works absolutely perfect in IE, but in Netscape it looks very jacked up. The reason. . . Netscape completly ignores my table's cell values for width and hiegth. Here's how I have my layout set up:
I have one large table that is 700px wide. Inside that there are 3 cells. In the top cell I have another table with 2 cells. The top cell is 700px wide and 50px or so tall and has an image exactly the same size (so there is no problem with it.) The next cell is split into 6 cells. The first is 125 x 20 with an image the same size, the next is 123 x 20 with a background image and text, and the remaining 4 are 113 x 20 with a background image and text. That's were the problem is. All I can figure is that Netscape decides how big your cells are going to be depending on how much stuff is in them. Since these only have text, it shrinks the cells down to wrap around the text, thus making my navigation bar look VERY bad.
Please help me! Is there some code I can put in to FORCE Netscape to use my values or should I just say blankety off to Netscape and boycott them?

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-Luke Soiu-
Web Designer