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    content management + search


    I have a content management / search job that I need to quote.

    I am pretty new to this but would appreciate any feedback on how I should approach the following site:

    It is hosted internally (am going to find out exact details)
    It will be an intranet site
    It contains 7 sections (admin, technical, promotions etc) preceeded by a welcome/search page
    Each sections is just a list of downloadable files (pdf, word, excel...the usual)
    Client needs to get access to either delete existing files or add new ones
    There are no files duplicated across any sections so each section could be managed as a separate entity.
    Client would need to have ability to place a new file anywhere in current list.
    Client also need the whole site to be searchable.
    Can the search facility read word docs, pdf etc?
    If they add new files onto the cms can this automatically update the search feature?
    The searching element is key to them finding the correct section and file.
    At the moment there are between 5 and 30 files for each section.
    I intent to build the entire site but have demo file on each section.
    The client will then begin to add their specific files as there is a security issue with some files.
    The client will not need to add any new sections via the cms we will do that should the situation arise.

    Any feedback on the prefered (simple + cost effective) approach would be great


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    Cheap way of doing it would be to use WordPress as the CMS and either Google or Yahoo search plugin:

    (I don't think that the normal WP search would read PDFs or DOCs but I could be wrong about that)
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    It sounds like you need programming advice. You may want to consider asking either DaveMaxwell, Paul O'B, Nicky, vgarcia, or Varelse (the SitePoint staff members responsible for this area of the forums) to move this to the Program Your Site area (they'll know which board to move it to) so the people down there will see it, and be able to help you better than the people who frequent the Web Page Design area (such as myself) can.


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