Hi Masters

I have a tricky issue. That is, I m working for my client in USA. He has a website regarding Car Dealers in NewYork. THere is a page where all the car dealers are listed. HE DOES NOT USE ANY SCRIPTING LANGUAGE OR DATABASE He just use Frontpage. PURE HTML FILES. Now he wants that the Feature of Google map to be added to his list of Car Dealers.

According to the scenario, it simply means that if he has 1000 Car dealers info, then i will have to make 1000 HTML pages for shoing the map through GOOGLE MAP API as the address would change for every dealer.

Is there any way apart from the DATABASE that we make just one file and pass the address to that page "throug URL parememters like
"www.some.com?address=this and that" and that page show the map ???

please gudie