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    Steps in Site Development

    What are the steps or stage? I'm not sure about this but I've made a short list:

    1) Learning
    2) Planning
    3) Analysis
    4) Budget/Sponsorship
    5) Register Domain Name
    6) Design/Programing ?
    7) Design/Programming ?
    8) Find the right web host
    9) Implementation
    10) Testing/Proofread
    11) Copyright/License
    12) Launching
    13) Promoting
    14) Maintenance (cycled)

    I'm still confused about number 6 and 7 whether which should go first. I'm not sure about the order or maybe I've missed something out. Can you also tell me how long will it take for each to be accomplised? Like the designing as one of the members/advisors/mentors here said which usually takes less than a day.
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    Design go first. The end result gets better if you code for the design than if you design for the code.

    Also, watch out for preparing/planning too much - that is a very common way of procrastrinating, you know. The most important step is the first.

    Why is sponsorship number 4? I don't know any sponsors that will sponsor an unlaunched site. I'd put that point after promotion, otherwise you will just get stuck.

    Also, learning should be before the programming/designing phases. I.e. first decide what to do in planning and analysis, and then do it.

    Remove "implement" - that means "write the code"

    This might turn into a great thread, Al! Here is my suggestion for the update list:

    1. Analysis
    2. Content
    ---- Write content
    ---- Find authors
    -------- Licence / Copyright
    3. Planning
    ---- Timeline with milestones!
    ---- Content structure
    4. Register domain name
    5. Learning
    6. Design
    7. Program
    8. Find the right web host
    9. Beta testing
    ---- Usability testing!
    ---- Proofreading
    10. Launching
    11. Promoting
    ---- Search engines
    --------- Submitting
    --------- Optimizing
    ---- Directories
    ---- Reciprocal links
    12. Maintenance (cycled)

    Just wrote that in 5 minutes, whaddya think?
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