hi...everyone~~! i'm finding help here! hope someone can help me.. i'm the beginner of javascript user. i want to create a simple form that can put in the
some info and display in a table. That is a screenshot showing below. The problem i faced now is i try all the way but the delete button still cannot run it. i wan use checkbox to tick the row i wan to delete, but i dun know how..i hope someone can teach me here~~! i will post my code here, hope can get more reply here. THx


<script languange="javascript">
function validate()
var name=document.getElementById("name").value
var Quan=document.getElementById("quantity").value
var Uprice=document.getElementById("price").value
if (isNaN(Quan))
alert("please put in numeric number")

if (isNaN(Uprice))
alert("Please put in correct price")

function deleteRow()
var myrowLength=hmtable.d1.length;
var myrow=hmtable.d1;
var getrow=0;

for(var i = 0; i < myrowLength; i++) {
if(myrow[i].checked) {

myhead="<table border=1 name=hmtable><tr><td>Name</td><td>Quantity</td><td>Unit Price</td><td>Total</td><td></td></tr>";
mybody="<tr><td>" + name +" </td><td>"+ Quan +"</td><td>"+ Uprice +"</td><td> "+ Uprice * Quan +" </td><td><input type=checkbox id=d1</tr>";
mywhole=myhead + mybody + myfoot;





<form name = "itemform" action="item.asp" >

&nbsp;ItemNameinput type=text name=name size="20">
Quantity:&nbsp;&nbsp; <!--webbot bot="Validation" S-Data-Type="Number"
S-Number-Separators=",." --> <input type=text name=quantity size="10">

* Must be in numeric value!


Unit Price: <input type="text" name="price" size="20"> * Must be in numeric or
decimal value!


<input type="button" value="Add" name="Addvalue" onclick="validate()">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <input type="button" value="Edit" name="Editvalue" onclick="editvalue()" >&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type="button" value="Delete" name="Deletevalue" onclick="deleteRow()" >

<p id = "display"></p>