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    Is there anyway to preview what a page designed on a PC will look like in the Mac versions of Netscape & IE short of buying (or borrowing) a Macintosh computer?

    I use browsersizer to make sure my pages will look o.k. at different resolutions and I preview them in the 3 main browsers (Netscape, IE & Opera) on my PC.

    BUT I'd love to be able to preview pages in MAC browsers without having to go buy a Macintosh just for this one purpose! I've looked at the Mac emulator for Windows & DOS but it doesn't run the MAC browsers (at least not yet).

    So does anyone have any ideas or know of any aps. that will emulate or preview MAC browsers?

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    You must have at least one friend who owns a Mac. If not you can rent them at Kinko's and other business services places by the hour. Check your local cyber cafe to see what machines they use. You can also check the libraries in your area. Sometimes local colleges will make their computer labs available on an available space basis. You might be able to find a Mac there.

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