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    SSL problems. Renewed Certificate on server, but it still shows that it's expired

    I'm hoping that someone here is an expert on SSL.
    I had SSL running just fine for a year on my ecommerce site. The certificate expired in November and we've successfully installed a new one on the server. But when you go to a secure page on the website, it still says that the certificate is expired. It's still showing the expired certificate. Can anyone help?

    Win 2000 server with IIS 5.0

    Thanks Webmaster

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    ssl problem

    I had a similar problem sometime ago. Its probably the same thing. When you get issued a ssl from say verisign they also give you an url thats embedded into your site, ie the link on your site that says verisgn. If your customers press this button it redirects them to the verisign site where it proudly displays your certificate. Only problem is when the certificate needs renewing you need to change the line in your html to point to the new certificate, as all are unique

    Ie the link from our site to verisign goes to

    that url is embedded into our home page. We had to change it a few months ago when our old certificate expired.

    Hope this helps
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