I am trying to figure out how to password-protect a directory which will contain pages which may be seen only by subscribers. I have a java-script password applet, but my search engine (atomz.com) will not scan pages that use a script for password protection. I understand there is a way (.htaccess? .htpasswd?) to insert files into the directory I'm trying to protect (using telnet), that will then allow the atomz.com search engine to scan them. Problem: how to find the right format for these files--I see different formats offered at different places on the 'Net? Question: can I use .htaccess and .htpasswd files to protect this directory AND STILL GIVE EACH PESON HIS/HER OWN PASSWROD to access them? (Or am I limited to one password for everybody to use,i.e., the same one for all?) If anyone can point me to tutorials or other info on the 'Net on this subject, I'd be very grateful. Thanks a ton.

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