I probably should have chosen my handle to be the eccentric coder instead of dbr.

I'm working on getting started w/ Ruby on Rails. It looks like I have a succussful installation inspite of my eccentricities.

Eccentricities? Say what?

Well I like for my development machine to be totally disconnected from the internet. My reasoning? The best firewall is no connection.

So, I downloaded the necessary install files on my internet computer; copied said files to my jump drive; moved them to my development machine. Install of Ruby went smooth. Install of Rails crashed since I didn't have any internet connection. And, I incountered another problem when I went to look at the documentation under the brand new Ruby Program Menu: what do you know, it is simply a link to an internet webpage.

Well, I went back to my internet machine logged off of my normal user limited account and logged into administrator for program installation. Install went okay once again. Logged off of the admin account and logged onto my limited account. Couldn't find Ruby on the start menu... Changed my limited account to an admin account. Went to reinstall Ruby. The machine recognized it as already being installed, so I uninstalled it then reinstalled it and Rails smoothly. Then changed my normal account back to a limited account... Pretty convoluted! Isn't it! I guess that is what I get for being an eccentric coder...

So, the Big Question! Do any of you do Ruby on Rails development on a machine with no internet connection?