I've been administering websites for about a year now and the #1 problem, hands-down, has been flakiness with FTP.

I depend on FTP for transferring files (obviously), pulling down log files to run WebTrends on them, and backing up my system (many of the sites are virtually hosted so I don't have much choice for backup).

I'm always getting errors (425 - Can't Open Data Connection is a quite common one), timeouts or other things that are preventing downloads and uploads. I'm bloody sick of it! I've tried GetRight, and other various FTP "helper" utilities. I purchased both WS-FTP Pro and Cute FTP in the hopes that at least I could get one of them to work reliably.

No luck. One other thing I suppose I should mention. I am hosting these sites on IIS servers if that might matter.

Any tips people could give me would be great!