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    Set width on select menu doesnt expand IE/PC

    Basic pulldown/select menu with a set width expands to reveal the full text on all browsers Mac and PC - except for IE on a PC. It even expands on IE on Mac. Anyone know how to make it expand and not crop the text on IE/PC ?

    Here's a simple example - 4th pulldown (far right) has a set width.
    On all browsers except IE on PC - the menu expands when you activate.
    Uses code = code = <select name=u_month style="width:60px">

    Here is my page in progress using code = <select name="menu" style="width:17em">

    Have also tried this:
    <select name="menu" style="font-size:10px;font-family:Arial;width:165px;overflow:auto">

    Any tips greatly appreciated, trying to keep the code simple, and avoid using slide-out layer menus. THANKS !

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    In IE if you set the width of the select then that is the width the options will be also and theres nothing you can do about it except not to set a width as suggested by all4nerds above


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