Hi, I've been trying for a week now to parse a simple XML document in Firefox. The problem I'm having is not with the parsing, but with the loading of the XML document. The way this app will work is that the XML file is stored in the same directory as the Javascript (i.e. local on the same server) and the Javascript will load and parse the file into a dynamic menu. I'm also using the prototype.js library to make the AJAX call to load the XML, but I encounter this problem even when creating the XmlHttpRequest object explicitly...

Here is the code causing the problems:

var ajax_req = 
  new Ajax.Request(
    'filename.xml', {
      method: 'GET', 
        onSuccess: function(req) {
          if (req.responseXML.documentElement) {
            createTOC(req.responseXML.documentElement, 0);

        onException: failed
the "createTOC" function is my own code, and it works. The problem I'm getting is that Firefox never stops "spinning" (i.e. the page keeps loading) and the "onSuccess" event handler never terminates. The responseXML object has the XML in it, and I'm able to parse it, but the page keeps spinning.

This code works perfectly in IE. The server is sending "text/xml" and the Ajax request is working correctly. I can even comment out the "createTOC" part and still get the problem. So, how come the responseXML property isn't working?