Using the code from Son of Suckerfish:

I had my SOS working quite nicely in IE6, but it has recently messed up for some reason. It appears when I rollover, but when I try to move my mouse down to the menu items in the dropdown, it disappears. I believe this is because the only area in which the dropdown is being "hovered" over is the actual text, and not a div, and because of the padding around the words in the original menu, there seems to be a space of "no hover" in between the menu li and the menu li ul's which the dropdown assumes a rollout has occured. If this is confusing, take a look. The only dropdown is for "Products." Does anyone have any idea which of the css items I should be altering to increase the rollover area of the dropdown menu item?

P.S. It is working in FF, but I am running a separate style sheet for IE.