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    Time for some shameless embarassment

    OK, well self-embarassment.

    What is the most ridiculous/stupid/embarssing thing you have ever done?

    Mine goes like this:

    I'm about 8 years old. Maybe a bit older. It is one of my school chums birthdays and he has organised for loads of us to go and play indoor football at a local sports hall. Anyway we all start playing, it gets really hot, and most of the other kids take off their trousers, cos they have shorts on.

    One of the mums says to me "Did you not put any shorts on?" and I'm like, well actually, no.


    Continue playing football for a bit, get a bit hot, so I sit down for a rest and drink. Don't know quite how, but I happen to notice that I actually do have shorts on, under my trackie-b's.

    So I figure hey cool, I'll play in them.

    But of course, I'm out in the middle of the pitch, with about 20 other 8 year olds staring at me, before I realise they are actually boxer shorts (as in undies)!

    I forget what happened next. I seem to remember that to avoid losing face I actually continued to play in them, trying to persuade the others that they actually were shorts...
    SO what is your most embarassing memory?

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    well.. once, when i was about 8 or 9- i was riding at the back of our truck on the way home from school... with some of my "bros".. anyway, we stopped at the grocery, my mom and sisters got down and my "bros" went to the front for a while. When my mom was already paying, i decided to go check out what my bros were up to- and jumped down as a large group of people came walking toward me... as a means to impress more people of my awesome self unfortunate for me, my red shorts got caught on one of the bike hooks on the truck... my shorts ripped so bad- it would be more decent if i had just outright taken them off!
    anyway... you know the rest of the story folks!
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