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    Enabling PHP on a Mac

    I understand that PHP comes pre-installed on a Mac, but you have to activate/enable it. I had so much trouble with Apache and PHP, I decided to download a preconfigured package from XAMPP. All the programs installed correctly except Apache, so I'm trying to fix whatever needs fixing.

    Anyway, I read a tutorial that instructed me to uncomment the following line in my httpd.conf file:

    LoadModule php4_module libexec/httpd/
    AddModule mod_php4.c
    However, I can't find that line. This is the closest thing to it I can find:

    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

    <IfDefine PHP4>
    LoadModule php4_module modules/
    <IfDefine PHP5>
    LoadModule php5_module modules/

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4 .php5
    AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps
    AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl
    My guess is that the line referenced in the tutorial refers to the DEFAULT PHP installation, and the text I found derives from my XAMPP installation. Furthermore, it suggests that I have TWO versions of PHP installed, 4 and 5, and that both are enabled.

    Can anyone verify this, because I'd sure like to know where I am!

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    Those are the two lines. Whoever said they were one (or even adjacent lines in httpd.conf) was wrong.

    Marc Liyanage makes very nice PHP installers which bundles just about everything you'd want. Current versions are 4.4 and 5.1.4.
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