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    What Next - Another site?

    We have been building our main site for a while and it now makes a healthy profit. Now we do have some big new sections coming onine later this year but I was thinking on ideas to get our eggs out of one basket and invest some of that profit.

    The main site is, so its a content based online newspaper of sorts.

    I figure by end of this year I will be free time wise to start on some new projects...but what?

    I was reading Aspen's site (I think) about using content sites to promote ecommerce sites. But I wonder if our categories are too broad for anything like that.

    Ideally the new sites would be something I could promote of the existing one since we have a lot of traffic that we could capitalise on.

    Any ideas on possible ecommerce routes?

    My other idea was just to build some more content site, similar idea different content, since we can reuse likes of media etc. But like washing powder companies will promote two brands of the same thing even though they own both...though this thought does not really motivate me too much.

    Appreciate any ideas.



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    Don't have any fresh ideas for you, but did you read Chris's article on hub and spoke?
    It may help you get more ideas.
    Linda Jenkinson
    "Say what you mean. Mean what you say. But don't say it mean." ~Unknown


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