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    Making a "chicken" instead of servicing the "eggs"

    I'm doing some pretty involved SEM work for a real estate company in my local area and cannot (ethically) provide the same service to another real estate company at the same time.

    So I was thinking... what if I made my own local real estate website and distributed the leads to multiple companies? This model would allow me to service multiple companies instead of just one, not to mention get my foot in the door to win more re-designs.

    Of course, this can be applied to plenty of other industries.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I've done coding for two people doing exactly the same thing in different industries. I built their systems for managing and assigning those leads to the companies they have referral agreements with. They both do it for a living at this point.

    If you can consistently bring in new leads, I would definitely do it. If it comes easy to you, it's almost like free money. Cash that's not tied to making a new "thing" for each payment.


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