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Thread: aol problems

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    Recently I have experienced many complaints from aol users about random problems they are having accessing one of my sites.

    One person couldn't access the secure address, another troubles with javascript, and a third kept stalling and crashing when they submitted a form (cgi). The odd thing is that 2 out of the 3 COULD do these things before they upgraded to aol 5.0

    Is there anywhere that I, as a webmaster, can check and test... and find out about aol bugs, BEFORE I am getting emails from people who are having problems accessing the sites.

    AND.... has anyone else come across problems with AOL users and their browsers? This is a perplexing situation.


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    If you go to you will get AOL's webmaster guide.

    If they have a published DTD you can load that in a HTML validator and compare your site with it.

    In order to make your site as browser compliant as possible:
    1. You need to code to the lowest common denominator of HTML which is currently 3.2 because Navigator doesn't support 4.0. Though most of HTML 4.0 will work if your careful.
    2. Don't use proprietary tags such as <MARQUEE> or <LAYER>.
    3. Make sure that all open tags are closed properly.
    4. Make sure none of your tags overlap e.g. <b><i>text</b></i>
    5. Your page has good form. You have the required tags in the proper order (<HTML><HEAD><BODY> ). Make sure your FORM tags are contained properly. If you want your form in a table open the form around the table.
    6. Enclose all your attributes in single or double quotes. (Required for proper XML viewing in IE 5.0 and Mozilla)
    7. Specify the proper DTD at the top of your page.

    The only way to throroughly test your site is to load it on all the browsers and make sure it works. I don't recommend installing AOL 5.0 unless AOL is your ISP because it makes it almost impossible to log on to other ISP's but you probably have a friend or family member who uses AOL.

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