PLEASE tell me how you all protect yourselves when you buy or when you sell your websites.

Buyers want "proof of revenue" but I truly doubt screenshots really mean anything. Seems like anyone proficient in Photoshop could come up with a great looking screenshot.

Sellers can get into trouble by assuming a paypal payment to be gold, and from what I understand the process at doesn't really protect the seller either.

The best method I can figure is to trust the reputation that people gain from from being active on the webmaster forums, like NamePros and SitePoint, etc. But even that isn't foolproof...I suppose someone could make little transactions to get a good name then make big money by selling junk for a lot of dough, then jump ship from there.

I've come to the point of either looking for some kind of super web expert/lawyer guy (do you know of any?) or only spending what I can afford to loose.

What is the real proof? How do you guys do this without getting screwed???