Wow - I read Tommy's June piece about HTML/ XHTML - excellent, and yet a bit too much for me as a newcomer. My head hurts but here goes!

Dreamweaver seems to be automatically creating new pages for me in XHTML 1.0 Transitional. It puts the <?xml...> gubbins at the top which I think throws IE6 into quirks mode. I found this out over a day tryig to work to why IE6 seems no longer to understand the box model. Or why Moz will not render font: shorthand declarations any more. And generally why my css font sizing was not working or was different between browsers!!

Plus, dreamweaver templates put template comments at the top of the page, which again, if I understand right, will throw IE 6 into quirks mode, and implement the IE5 box model whilst ignoring the famous hack!

I never thought I'd be spending the day tying to understand DOCTYPES but any suggestions would be extremely welcome. Thanks guys