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    Radio buttons using AJAX always giving the same value

    I am using this code using AJAX. The probelm is no matter what choice is selected I always get the result grade=5. Can anyone help me with why this is the case? Thanks, Steven.

    <li><input type="radio" id="grade" name="grade" value="5" accesskey="5">Great</li>
    <li><input type="radio" id="grade" name="grade" value="4" accesskey="4">Good</li>
    <li><input type="radio" id="grade" name="grade" value="3" accesskey="3">OK</li>
    <li><input type="radio" id="grade" name="grade" value="2" accesskey="2">Poor</li>
    <li><input type="radio" id="grade" name="grade" value="1" accesskey="1">Oh, oh</li>
    <li><input type="radio" id="grade" name="grade" value="0" accesskey="0">What is this?</li>
    <li><input value="Study now"
    onClick="getNewTotals();" >


    Now that a grade is entered it should be picked up by this text:

    function createQueryString() {
    var grade= document.getElementById("grade").value;
    var queryString = "grade=" +grade;
    return queryString;


    function getNewTotals() {
    var url = "getUpdatedSales.php";
    url = url + "?dummy=" + new Date().getTime();
    var queryString= createQueryString();"POST", url, true);
    request.onreadystatechange = updatePage;
    request.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");


    Why do I always get a result of grade=5?
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    You should do this on each line to get the value:

    PHP Code:
    <li><input onClick="getNewTotals(this.value)" type="radio" id="grade" name="grade" value="5" accesskey="5">Great</li

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    You can't use the same id multiple times. Each id must be unique. To determine which radio button is selected check which of the entries in the graded array has selected set to true and then get the value from that entry in the array. See for more info on radio button validation and how to determine which one is selected.
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