Hi Guys,,

i want to validate the multiple radio button groups.

if the user leaves any group untouched or unchecked then it should give an alert.

here is my page.

<table cellpadding=6 cellspacing=0 border=0 width=100% class="table" align=center>


<td height="35" colspan="6" align="center"><b>A - Very Good,&nbsp;&nbsp;B - Good,&nbsp;&nbsp;C - Average,&nbsp;&nbsp;D - Poor</b></td>



<td width="2%">1.</td>

<td width="66%">How effectively did the faculty utilize the time in the class?</td>

<td width="8%">A <input type="radio" name="Fgroup1" value="A"></td>

<td width="8%">B <input type="radio" name="Fgroup1" value="B"></td>

<td width="8%">C <input type="radio" name="Fgroup1" value="C"></td>

<td width="8%">D <input type="radio" name="Fgroup1" value="D"></td>



<td width="2%">2.</td>

<td width="66%">How punctual was the faculty?</td>

<td width="8%">A <input type="radio" name="Fgroup2" value="A"></td>

<td width="8%">B <input type="radio" name="Fgroup2" value="B"></td>

<td width="8%">C <input type="radio" name="Fgroup2" value="C"></td>

<td width="8%">D <input type="radio" name="Fgroup2" value="D"></td>



<td width="2%">3.</td>

<td width="66%">How was the quality of examples provided to you by the faculty?</td>

<td width="8%">A <input type="radio" name="Fgroup3" value="A"></td>

<td width="8%">B <input type="radio" name="Fgroup3" value="B"></td>

<td width="8%">C <input type="radio" name="Fgroup3" value="C"></td>

<td width="8%">D <input type="radio" name="Fgroup3" value="D"></td>



<td width="2%">4.</td>

<td width="66%">How well was the faculty able to clear the doubts in the class?</td>

<td width="8%">A <input type="radio" name="Fgroup4" value="A"></td>

<td width="8%">B <input type="radio" name="Fgroup4" value="B"></td>

<td width="8%">C <input type="radio" name="Fgroup4" value="C"></td>

<td width="8%">D <input type="radio" name="Fgroup4" value="D"></td>



<td width="2%">5.</td>

<td width="66%">Were you able to understand the lecture of the faculty?</td>

<td width="8%">A <input type="radio" name="Fgroup5" value="A"></td>

<td width="8%">B <input type="radio" name="Fgroup5" value="B"></td>

<td width="8%">C <input type="radio" name="Fgroup5" value="C"></td>

<td width="8%">D <input type="radio" name="Fgroup5" value="D"></td>



<td width="2%">6.</td>

<td width="66%">How clear was the faculty in his presentation?</td>

<td width="8%">A <input type="radio" name="Fgroup6" value="A"></td>

<td width="8%">B <input type="radio" name="Fgroup6" value="B"></td>

<td width="8%">C <input type="radio" name="Fgroup6" value="C"></td>

<td width="8%">D <input type="radio" name="Fgroup6" value="D"></td>



<td width="2%">7.</td>

<td width="66%">How was the quality of the assignments assigned by the faculty?</td>

<td width="8%">A <input type="radio" name="Fgroup7" value="A"></td>

<td width="8%">B <input type="radio" name="Fgroup7" value="B"></td>

<td width="8%">C <input type="radio" name="Fgroup7" value="C"></td>

<td width="8%">D <input type="radio" name="Fgroup7" value="D"></td>



<td width="2%">8.</td>

<td width="66%">Was the faculty able to inspire you to participate in the class discussion?</td>

<td width="8%">A <input type="radio" name="Fgroup8" value="A"></td>

<td width="8%">B <input type="radio" name="Fgroup8" value="B"></td>

<td width="8%">C <input type="radio" name="Fgroup8" value="C"></td>

<td width="8%">D <input type="radio" name="Fgroup8" value="D"></td>



please suggest me the script as soon as possible.//