Before I ask my question, I need to explain why I need to do this. I have an inventory management system, and all inventory is logged in when it is first received. Then when something is done (a repair or what not) on an asset, at this point I need to set a date. The "Repair Date" is not always set when a user is using the form. Otherwise I would autoset the date whenever the form was loaded.

I'm using Jason Moon's DHTML Calendar Script(Found here)

I would like to put a button labeled "Set Date" in the "Repair Date:" section of my form, that when clicked will replace the button with the calendar script, and automatically set it to today's date.

Here's an image of kind of how it would look (the first part being the before, and second part being the after). I realize this probably isnt a very simple request but I have no javascript skills at all :(

Here is the syntax for the Calendar script: (i was using PHP to throw values into it if the value was already set)
<script>DateInput('repdate', false, 'YYYY-MM-DD','<?=$repdate?>')</script>
TIA for any advice, suggestions, or help anyone can offer me. :)