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    Question Rollover menu in a rollover menu

    Hi, I am new here and don't know if this topic has been touched on.
    I do not know that much about html just the very very basics.

    I am working on a website for school and need to know how to make a rollover menu which will give a few different lines of text, and when those lines of text are rolled over another menu with thumbnail images can appear which then can be linked to a webpage.

    The idea is for galaxies... You rollover a button, a list of a specific type of galaxy pops up, you rollover the type and say 4-6 little images (with names) of the galaxies pop up to be clicked on.

    I hope this is understandable.

    so again nice and simple....

    Rollover button<list of types of galaxies<list of galaxies with images.


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    It's called a sub-menu when that happens. There are many, many variations on how to produce menus with submenus. And many many posts on it. One I've just tried recently was the Son of Suckerfish menu - google for it. Also try google for css menus. However, you might have problems with them if you are new to html and css (I'm not new, but I managed to make a few silly mistakes).

    You could try google for menu programs - there are lots of free ones available. And some inexpensive commercial ones. Many use javascript, and you just define the menu content, and it does the rest Xara Menu Maker does that, for about $20.

    Have a look at the thread Navigation Ideas, and visit the site mentioned, they have several menu variations to play with.


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