Hi there,

This is mostly a post to the creator of the Javascript X libraries (wow very useful - http://cross-browser.com), or anyone else who knows them well.

I'm trying to use your drag and drop, and resize element code, and I have it successfully working, but I had to use your v3.js from your personal site. There must be some behavior occurring as a result of this js that is necessary to make the Example here work properly. I'd like to trim this as much as possible.

Can you let me know what functions inside v3.js are required for x_core.js, x_drag.js, and xfenster.js to work?

Also, I'd like to use AJAX to let a user save the position and sizes of the boxes currently displayed. Which variables should I send in the HTTP request?

I'm a bit of a Javascript rookie, just started learning it 2 days ago, so go easy on me.

Also, what are in the ramifications of trying to use this source code on a commercial site? Do I need to buy a license, or are you happy with a link back?